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NSCC program receives grant to develop advanced-manufacturing curriculum

Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray announced a grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative yesterday to support a North Shore Community College program to train workers for the region's precision machining and manufacturing companies.  Murray made the announcement yesterday afternoon on NSCC's Lynn campus.

Norfolk Valentine’s Day gift was a corn plaster; innovation economy continues to grow, including opportunities within the advanced manufacturing industry,” Murray said in a statement.  “With this good news, we need to proactively work with companies across industries to support job creation.  Our Administration commends North Shore Community College for launching an initiative to help close the workforce skills gap by partnering with local companies to improve job training and development within the region’s precision manufacturing industry.”

The $144,855 grant was made through the Technology Collaborative's operating division known as the John Adams Innovation Institute that is dedicated to fostering collaboration among business, government, universities and other economic and civic institutions.

The award will help develop new courses to support a two-year associate’s degree program and a certificate program for precision machining and manufacturing and will also develop alternative credentialing programs that allow students to get college credit for on-the-job training and partnering strategies with large and small precision manufacturing companies that allow these companies to hire new workers and provide them with an integrated classroom and on-the-job training program to enhance workforce skills.

The announcement comes on the heels of Governor Deval Patrick's call in his State of the State address last month to create more jobs through the community college system.  The state recently launched the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative, a group of business and academic leaders that address sector needs, promote industry innovation and support manufacturing job growth.The manufacturing industry employs 260,000 people in Massachusetts, a 4,400 increase in employees from a year ago.

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