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Benefits To Use Shrink Fit Tool Holders

Should we use shrink tool holders?

Lets answer you here. If you do high speed or high torgue machining, please consider shrink fit tooling. We understand the shrink fit tools are with high prices, but if you invest in advance, you will find that it will save more times than other toolholders.

Shrink Fit Tooling Performance

Working with shrink fit tool holders, you will find the vibration will be reduced, cutting is better and faster. So, efficiency is better, and workpiece is also improved than using common tools. In this way, you can improve your production cost but with good product quality.

How does shrink holder work?

As shrink fit tool holders require special material, with this material, the expansion and contraction property is good, so it can get powerful toolholding force.

The bore is slightly smaller than the cutting tool, when the holder is heated with shrink machine, the bore will expand just enough to allow the tool to be inserted. And when it cools down, the clamping force is big.

What’s the advantages of shrink fit tool holders?

1) Reduced vibration

2) No need to use collets and nuts, to get better quality and accuracy items.

3) To change cutting tool in about six seconds only.

4) No need to use wrenches

Once again, though shrink fit tool holder is with higher price, they can save more times when using in your production.

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