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CAT DualDrive Tool Holders for Dual Contact Spindles

About 7:24 taper spindles, usually there are BT, DIN69871, DIN2080 and ANSI B5.50 CAT standards. Compared with common 7/24 tapers, there are big plus tapers.

For BT Big Plus, we call it BBT; for CAT Big Plus, we call it SCAT. And it is also name as CAT Dual Contact or CAT Dual Drive Tool Holders.

Dual-Contact means both the toolholder taper and flange make contact with the spindle. Dual-contact provides better rigidity and reduces vibration for improved performance at high metal removal rates.

These kinds of tool holders are for Dual Contact Spindles, now Bright-tools mainly provide CAT40 and CAT50 dual drive collet chucks. All are with AD/B cooling and G2.5 balanced. Dual DRIVE Cool FLEX holders (with AD/B cooling) are factory set for coolant-thru spindle. Remove 2 crews for DIN B coolant.

If customers would like dual drive design in power milling chuck, end mill holders, face mill holder, shrink fit chuck, boring toolholders, it is also available to make.

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