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HSK32E Collet Chuck
Product Origin: China
Shipping Port: Qingdao
Color: Blackening
Lead Time: 25-45 Days
Payment: TT in Advance
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HSK32E Collet Chucks with Mini Nuts DIN6499B


Taper: HSK32E

Tool Holder Torlerance: within 0.005mm

Collet Chuck Balancing Grade: G2.5/25000 RPM

Application: Working with HSK32E Spindle Toolings


Model D L1 Capacity
HSK32E-ER11M-50 16 50 1-7
HSK32E-ER16M-50 22 50 1-10
HSK32E-ER20M-60 28 60 1-13



 HSK32E Collet Chuck with Mini Nut HSK32 Collet Chuck with Mini NutHSK32E ER Collet Chuck HolderHSK32 Collet Chuck with Mini Nut TaperHSK32E HSK Tool Holder

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