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Hydraulic Chuck Standard 2021-12-27

Features of Hydraulic Tool Holder/Hydraulic Tool Holder:

1. The accuracy is 3μ;

2. The clamping torques are: direct clamping, 20mm collet clamping tool, and 32mm collet clamping tool;

3. 360° and two-point clamping, the same is 3μ, but the length is different;

4. Tool deflection ≤3μ: reduce tool wear, reduce tool costs, greatly increase surface roughness, and the accuracy of the tool shank diameter is four times the length (maximum 80mm);

5. Good repeatability: saving time for calibration;

6. Oil-containing hydraulic oil has the function of shock absorption to improve the surface roughness;

7. Simple operation of clamping tool: It can be completed within about 10 seconds, reaching 3μ accuracy, which greatly reduces the preparation for finishing or tool change;

8. Cryogenic treatment: reduce deformation and maintain accuracy.


Hydraulic tool holder is a commonly used tool clamping system device in machine tools. When the bolt is tightened, the piston is pushed to squeeze the hydraulic medium into the oil cavity to expand the expansion wall of the tool holder. Hold the tool tightly to achieve clamping.

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