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CNC Tool Holders with Three kinds Surface Treatments

Bright-tools is a specialized manufacturer for Spindle Tool Holders, there are three ways for surface treatment, that are Blackening, Sandblasting and Plating. Please check below to know the details.


1) Tool Holders with Blackening Surface.

We have bought new blackening equipments, the blackening surface is very bright. Most European customers would like to order blackening tool holders.

2) Tool Holders with Sandblasting Surface

Usually, Asias and American buyers prefer sandblasting holders. The slots are sandblasted, all other parts are with fine grinding.


3) Tool Holders with Plating Surface

Some buyers would like plating tool holders for better appearance and rust resistance. But for power milling chucks, we will produce all with plating treatment.








Some holders will be plated all surface, some only for part. 

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